I don’t know why I am making this blog. I have made a couple of blogs before, but I deleted it already. Because I just felt that it’s….a failure. I am probably going to do the same with this one though. Haha.

Anyways, this blog will be full of my random personal thoughts. Which is why this blog’s author will remain anonymous (will it?). I won’t be giving out any social medias or even my name (will I?). No, no. I am not giving out any stuff that has to do with my identity. Because if I keep this blog anonymous, it means that I could be totally honest here and just talk about stuff that I won’t be able to say with people knowing my identity.

I just feel like I want to write and share these stuff to people. I don’t know why basically, but for those of you who CARES enough to read my stupid entries on this blog, thank you so so so much! But for those of you who feels like my blog is just a stupid pointless piece of trash wandering around the internet, then it’s fine. I mean people have their own opinions! Am I right?

Moving on. Sneaky Google? Why name this blog Sneaky Google? And why did I even chose that name? Truth is…..I don’t even know. I don’t even know a damn thing about why I chose the name Sneaky Google. So enjoy my blog, there will be stupid stuffs, and I guarantee you’ll be wasting your freaking time on this blog reading about a stupid life of a teenager trying to survive world.

Just kidding! My entries aren’t going to be that stupid. It’s going to be entertaining and I hope in some point it’s gonna be inspirational.

And yes I am a teenager.
Enjoy my blog!


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