When you’re not as rich as they are…..

So I’ve had a lot of issues like this at school. I mean, I love my friends. They’re cool, but sometimes some of them just go over the top with their wealth! And I am just super annoyed by this because first: I am definitely not as rich as they are, and secondly: like why would you wanna show off the stuff you bought for no reason? That’s just….arrogant. Or any word that best describes a person who does that!

First of all, let me just say that I grow up in an adequate family. I have a comfortable house, I have all the stuff I would need to entertain myself and also for school. And I am very thankful for all the things I have, of course. I use an iPhone 5 (yes I know it’s 2016, but just be patient here), I have a Macbook Pro (not the new one duh, the 2012 one?). I’m super comfy with how I am living right now. So just be aware that in this post I don’t mean to say that I am jealous of others, it’s just that I think they should re-think their decisions.

Anyways, moving on!

Most of my friends are using either an iPhone 6 or the brand new iPhone 7. And those who got their brand new iPhone 7, brings their phone literally everywhere they go. They would pull it out of their pockets and just touch it for no specific reason! Like literally they didn’t even turn it on they’re just touching it! I mean I know their hidden purpose (showing off). But as usual, I ignored them. I minded my own business.

Other times, they would say, “I want the new iPhone 7s!!” when they just got the new iPhone 7 a couple of weeks ago. Some other of my friends would say, “I am bored with my shoes, I want a new pair of shoes.” And most of all sometimes we would even have this kind of conversation:

Me: Hey so where are you going this Christmas?Friend: I am going to China! Again! Ugh. I am so bored! Like I wanna go to Korea or Japan, but China?!
Me: Oh….cool.

See these types of conversations are what I don’t understand. I mean, this Christmas I am definitely not going anywhere and last summer I didn’t even leave my country. And yet some of my friends who gets to travel around the world during the holidays to places I can’t even afford to go to (at the moment), they would still complain about it and say that they wanna go somewhere else. Like, what?

So like, I would change my phone if my current iPhone 5 is broken (which is not by the way, it’s still working great!). Second of all, I would buy a new pair of shoes after mine is too small for me. Like maximum I’d only have 3 pair of shoes in my house, or even 2. While my friends have like LOTS. I am telling you, LOTS. And yet they still want more and more and more. Third of all, if my family were like their family, like every holiday you would go somewhere overseas and have fun, I would not complain. Like no, I ain’t got time to complain when you’re going on a vacation!

IN CONCLUSION! I am thankful for my life and I love it. I am living my life and I know sometimes I would complain about the things I don’t have. But most of the times I would just enjoy what I have because I know that there are lots of other people who can’t even afford to buy a phone! So every time I would see my friends complaining about what they have in life, or showing off their new phones, laptops, shoes, outfits, or whatever. I’d just keep quiet you know, like they can do whatever they want! They’re super rich, and I am…adequate. And I am okay with it.

I just think that they should re-think their decisions and make better life choices ya know. Like be more thankful and grateful for what you have!! For Peter’s sake my gosh! They want more and more and more and more. It never stops.

And I know I want more too, but…..it’s just that I feel like I can handle myself more and be more grateful for what I have in life. Unlike them.

It is okay though, I get it. They’re wealthy and that’s what they do. I am not saying that all rich kids do this, but these are some rich kids I know that does this all the time.

Anyways, that’s all for today. I hope this sticks to your mind and makes you think more about your life decisions and what you have right now. Be thankful, be grateful, stay humble.

My gosh what am I even saying HAHA.
Have a great day!



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