Why having little brothers are not great.

Hey guys, so a thing you might want to know about me is that I am the oldest out of three kids. And by the title, you have probably guessed it that two other little siblings, brothers to be exact. Today, I am going to be completely honest to everyone and why I hate having little brothers. With this post I don’t mean that I completely hate them; well but I know I mentioned hate, but here’s the truth: With this post, I mention specific things that I despise about having little brothers.

First of all, they are super noisy. Like they would play and run around the house all day long and I can’t even focus on what I am doing because they’re just so noisy. And when I tell them, they won’t listen to me because they’d think I am a jerk. Well guess what? I am not a jerk because I am telling them to stay quiet so that I could focus to do my own stuff but I guess they aren’t that understanding, which leads us to the second reason.

SECOND REASON IS: that they don’t think about others’ importance, all they care about is themselves. If they’re gonna take this spot and play there, they will. If they are gonna intrude you while doing your homework or watching Netflix, THEY WILL. They won’t, AND NEVER give in and or like admit what they did wrong. WHICH LEADS US TO THE THIRD REASON.

Damn this is probably gonna be a pretty easy entry to write 🙂

Third reason, which you all probably would know based on the second reason but whatever right. Anyways, third reason is that they won’t admit their freaking mistakes. They broke mum’s pen obviously, but none of them would want to admit it to the point my mum starts blaming it on everyone, including me. ME. I AM INNOCENT.

But as usual, mum won’t believe that I am innocent because of what my stupid brothers did which was lying. Which again leads us to the fourth reason.

Fourth reason is that they always lie. I don’t even get it why they would do this, but trust me. They lie a lot. I am not going to explain why because they just do. I don’t even know.

Here are some other unspecific reasons why I despise them:
– They cry and be mad at simple stuff.
– They are a bunch of tattle tales.
– They are impolite.
– They won’t listen to what I say.
– They embarrass me. A lot.



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