Hey yo everyone! It’s me again. And today, I am going to talk about something completely random but I hope you readers can all relate to what I am about to tell you all.

So recently, a friend of mine invited the whole class to their birthday party. And you know, it’s Christmas break and everyone’s going on a vacation. Except for me, my friend, and a couple of other people. Anyways, they came up to our group chat and told us that they are going to be celebrating their birthday party tomorrow for lunch at this and this. And of course, I told them that I would be coming. Because why not? They’re my friends and I should be there for them during their birthday party.

BUT, because of a lot my classmates going abroad for Christmas break….things got a little bit awkward. Just a little.

They told the whole class about the birthday party, but only 3 or 4 people responded to what they said. Including me. And a couple of my other friends who apparently stayed at home this holiday. So then, I notice that my friend who is having the birthday party tomorrow is feeling a bit off. They would say that they’re tired or they’re now lazy to go to their own birthday party. And I have a strong feeling it’s because that no one answered to the invitation. Except me of course (haha) and a couple of people as I have said above.

So my point is that, I am not really sure what is going on, I am not sure who is going to be attending the birthday party, and I am not sure if there’s going to be a lot of people attending. Plus, I don’t know if anyone is going to show up. I mean there’s like over 30 people in my class and….only 3 or 4 responded to the invitation. Including me.

I don’t know honestly, I am going to try and come to the birthday party because I felt bad already for them. I don’t know about the others, but I just hope that they would come too ya know. Like you ignored their invitation, I mean don’t you feel bad? They invited you to their birthday party and all you gotta do is just respond if you can come or not. Instead, in my class, 95% of the population did not respond to the invitation. They didn’t inform them if they were coming or if they were available.

You get me here? Do you understand what I am talking about? I feel really bad for them and so tomorrow I will be coming to the birthday party (hopefully).

So you guys out there, if you’re still reading:
Please, please, do respond to someone’s invitation to anywhere. Like just answer if you can come or not, because then it’ll kind of notify the person who is holding it? I don’t even know what I am talking about.

I guess, what I am trying to say is that don’t ignore people. Especially when they are inviting you to do or go to somewhere or something.

Just don’t.
Because it’s annoying and irritating as hell.
Thanks and have a great day! Bye!


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